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"A piece of the continent, a part of the main": singles of the year, 2017

Welcome back to in love with these times, in spite of these times, the fanzine that earnestly wishes that Coldcut had recorded a song called “Through My Shirt Of Cotton Made”.

The graceful bust you see in our snap is somewhat overlooked by tourists, despite being slap-bang in the middle of the landscaped gardens where St Paul’s Cathedral fronts on to the westernmost end of Cannon Street. It’s not our favourite image of the renowned metaphysical poet – for that, visit the fascinating unattributed portrait in the National Portrait Gallery of a rakish, debonair young Donne that looks incredibly contemporary despite having been painted in 1595 – but it’s a reminder of his later calling, once ordained as a priest in the Church of England, as Dean of St. Paul's itself. The bust, by Nigel Boonman, has only been there for five years, and attempts to place its subject looking out towards Bread Street in the City (where he was born) whilst also being only a stones’ throw from his resting p…

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