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A Depth Of Leaves

Today’s pic introduces the marvellous Dorothy Annan ceramic mural that once adorned the London Central Telegraph Office, now sensitively re-housed in the Barbican (most of her other public murals have now been lost or destroyed, a fate which nearly overtook this one). Over nine stoneware panels, each inspired by aerials, pylons and telegraph poles (a bit like Hood’s cover art), this is a grand piece of 1960s modernism well worth wandering to, if you’re ever in these parts.

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Random flashback time again. It’s 1995, and the home counties are going mad for Britpop: either Blur’s retro vision of cheeky chappies on Carnaby, or Oasis’s retro vision of a pre-punk Mancunian street pop, fuelled by swagger and scowls. But there is more to the unfolding musical skyline than the idiot joy showlands of London and Manchester: the perpetually unfashionable Midlands lie geographically between those cities and, just as the region once defied the pop mainstream to give birth to metal and most …

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