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2018 (we lost our way, in the rain)

Hello. If we’ve been quiet lately, it’s due to the belated realisation (a sobering one, after thirty years of trying to evangelise for our favourite records, starting in the days when our secondhand typewriter was as high-tech as the process got) that writing about music doesn’t feel so worth pursuing in the age of the internet and when you don’t in all honesty have the time, the spark or the audience to make it worthwhile.

But we’re damned if we’re not going to let you know our picks of 2018, because somehow good, good people all across this wretched globe just won’t stop making and curating great music, and everything below deserves your love and attention. For music’s sake, purchase the hell out of these records if you can.
That said, this time next year we might skip writing up our lists here and just sit on a bench outside to yell the names of our top 2019 picks at passing traffic instead.
***Singles of the year***
"I've got an invisible band / that's lovingly constru…

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