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“If the sun going down can make me cry…”: 20 Years In Showbusiness

Today was the day we were meant to lose our EU citizenship, and our right to live and work in 27 neighbouring countries. As it happens, there’s been a stay of execution: the axe is likely to fall in the coming weeks instead. But it’s miserably clear that it’s going to happen, albeit through the now-familiar prism of incompetence, mendacity and delay. *Sigh*. Our leaders didn’t fight against this travesty, of course, even as the promises of the referendum campaign collapsed around them. So, in return for leaving the EU, we get… a diminished reputation, a shrunken economy, a barely-functioning public discourse and the ever-apparent emboldenment of xenophobia. It’s a proposition which lacks an obvious upside. And those that voted to leave and those who encouraged it might, at some point, want to take responsibility for the consequences of that decision. We English are reaching our ‘Jerusalem’ all right, only to realise that it was Mark Stewart’s vision we were heading for, not Wil

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