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Secret Shine “Singles 1992-1994” (Saint Marie Records)

Before we begin, we appreciate that it’s extremely unlikely that any of you trendy young things would want to hear us wax lyrical-ish about a couple of forgotten playthings of Alan McGee, but should we be mistaken you can find a little piece on Emily and Pacifichere.

Now. It’s only just occurred to us, but Banksy began his street art exploits in Bristol (with DryBreadZ Crew) pretty much around the same time that Secret Shine appeared miraculously from the swirling Avon mist. Not that long later, we would look from our window to see his ‘Grim Reaper’ (currently on display at the M-Shed on the Bristol harbourside) painted on the side of the Thekla - a venue on board which we saw Secret Shine perform a couple of times. So it felt dimly appropriate that Banksy recently decided to adorn a wall of the Barbican - a neglected corner of it, but one we pass through each day - just as the band came back into our thoughts. You’ll note from the pic that we got to this, his Basquiat tribute, befor…

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