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"All those times you've taken heart, only to have it broken": flaming June

Various Artists “The Official Matinée World Cup EP” (Matinée Recordings): P Brothers “Mentaltainment” (Heavy Bronx): Azure Blue “Fast Falls The Eventide” (Matinée Recordings): JK Flesh “Wasplike” (Inner Surface Music): JK Flesh “PI04” (π - Pi Electronics):  Sev Dah “Proletarijat 006” (Proletarijat): Nothing Clean “Cheat” (Samizdat Records / Abusive Noise Tapes / Force Fed Records / Circus Of The Macabre Records / SuperFi Records / Repulsive Medias / Vleesklak Records): Boyracer “Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill” (Emotional Response)
Welcome back to in love with these times, in spite of these times, the fanzine that has just spotted that “The Best Of The Primitives” doesn’t feature either “Really Stupid” or “Stop Killing Me”. We know *why* it doesn’t – they should have called it “The Best Of The BMG Years” or something – but Trading Standards really need to pull their finger out. You should be able to sue for that.
And this month’s arresting, if slightly disconcerting pic comes from t…

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