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Like 38s in Dalston: a singles round-up

Sorry, just realized we overlooked another modest pile of twelves on the basement floor – it was only really a few ‘techno’ platters (all things 128 bpm, give or take) that we got round to last time. And these aren’t singles that anyone should miss.
After last year's assuredly ace “Four Sides Of Truth” EP on Tresor, the ever-excellent Mønic resurfaces on his own Osiris Music with a different, more quixotic offering, “Deep Summer", which we’d herald as something of a landmark. It builds from gentle waves lapping engineered, beatless atmospherics through to Trembling Blue Stars recording an experimental ballad in an echo chamber before subsiding again to the sound of waters crashing onto the shoreline. 
The subtler textures and spectral female vocal sample swiftly put one in mind of Burial, so blow us down with a feather when none other than Burial himself rocks up with an ersatz (‘ersatz’ here meaning ‘bears virtually no resemblance to the original’) B-side remix, skewering t…

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