[the morning after]

Having re-read it in the cold light of day and winced, I ought probably apologise for the fact that much of last night's post was gobbledygook, but I still haven't felt the need to edit it (well, not much), as it was good to get something on the board for November, and making sense is over-rated, at least when you're not being paid for it. The paragraphs below at least convey a vague impression of excitable dizziness, which is pretty much how the music "described" therein hit me. Plus, which was meant to be the most important thing of all, the late Bill P. would have adored "Commercially Unfriendly", and for all I know had already pre-empted it in past mixtapes.

What this apology also allows me to do, rightly, is mention A Witness for the fifth consecutive post - a public service announcement, for it appears that "I Am John's Pancreas" is getting a re-release. Yay, cubed - and the Taittinger is being uncorked as I type.

Ooh, one last thing. If anyone is going to see I, Ludicrous on Saturday night, could you pick up an extra copies of the "official" bootleg of their early albums ? Will pay in cash, and weak lager.

PS I have er, acquired tickets to see one of the bands mentioned in yesterday's posting, tomorrow night. See if you can guess who it is, and whether I'm necessarily looking forward to it that much…


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