um, i have just heard the news about grant mclennan. it is i guess less than 2 years since i forsook the denmark v czech rep q/f to see the go-betweens at the barbican. it was so nice to enjoy something about that postcode for once. i had seen robert play solo before but that was the only time i ever saw g.w. in the flesh. my brother and i went to see the go-betweens film and then had a lovely dinner and then enjoyed grant + robert on top form.

i am very sad now.


Tim said…
I don't think this has sunk in for me yet - I was lucky enough to see the Go Betweens 8 times (!), the last one in Birmingham during the tour for Oceans Apart, which was one of the best shows I've ever been to. Grant can't have been much older than me..truly a sad day.

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