[about last night...]

the only possible fault we could pick with the manhattan love suicides' first london show at the luminaire on kilburn high road last night is that it would have been even better if they'd wrapped it up in fire engines territory (i.e. around the quarter-hour mark), rather than stretching to a virtually epic 25 minutes or so. otherwise, mls were three parts the first jesus and mary chain peel session, one part sped-up shop assistants and one part bubblegum splash! bass thud and as such the set was peachily unimpeachable - fuzzpop pearls from their magic marker album (which we're pretty sure included "suzy jones", "things you've never done", "14th floor", "negative push" and "kick it back") anchored by raging snare and strung together at all times by swells, nay walls, of proper coarsing feedback.

and whilst dressing in black, donning shades on stage, swigging from wine bottles or posing with a ciggie may conventionally be the province of far lesser bands - especially on a camden crawl weekend when far lesser bands are ten a penny in north london - you can't argue with such a wonderful noise. best of all, with no banter and no encore, they were natural headliners. sullen and superb.


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