One Of These Days You’re Gonna Look At Your Address Book, And We Won’t Be There

Calling all cars, calling all cars: in love with these times, in spite of these times, has MOVED. Again. Away from the previous postal address, the one which shared a fortuitous thematic link with NWA. So new (non-NWA related) postal address available on application, for those who still wish to send demo tapes, bouquets or fan mail. Haters / the “green ink” brigade should continue to use the usual e-mail address for sending brickbats.

In other news, after two consecutive years of being voted joint 5th best indie-pop website (woo!) by the Twee Net massive, we were nowhere to be seen for 2014, despite getting round to a whole 2 record reviews during the year. We’ll take the disappointment in our stride, though, and although we’ll no longer ride high on drug-fuelled adrenalin at music biz parties, or be invited to step to the red carpet at film premieres, we’re consoled by the fact that we are definitely one of the top two blogs called “in love with these times, in spite of these times”.

Finally, this brief embrace might be the time to acknowledge, as is traditional, the slew of amazing musical treats from the past calendar year that we unaccountably didn’t become aware of until 31 December had passed… of them, this one would have seriously bothered our leaderboard, whilst this one could have wreaked absolute havoc on the edifice. Realise.


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