Jazz-T featuring Jehst, Zygote, Jyager “The Lesson” (Boot)

“Heavens to Murgatroyd…”

A splendid, old-school sleeveless 7” teach-in from the Diversion Tactics Two, with the twin added attraction of not inconsiderable guest stars Billy Brimstone aka Jehst and Norf London’s own Jyager delivering the verses.

“The Lesson” is pure joy, as Jazz and Zygote revisit the thematic territory of DT’s own “School Thing” 45, stirring inevitable ‘edutainment’ samples (courtesy of KRS and others), into their – very - special brew. Meanwhile, the MCs have home economics fun aplenty as they cook up schooldays-related metaphors. The key to the single is a buzzing hook which sounds a little like the breaktime bell has been got at by some troublesome fifth-formers. Don’t neglect the instrumental version on the flip, which is strangely hypnotic in its own right and brings out the bare skills of Jazz-T to a, erm, tee.

Excitingly, this one appears to be a taster for a new Jazz-T long-player later in the year…