Downpour "Do You Remember When It Was All About The Drums? (II)" (self-released)

A 30+ minute EP of self-confessedly retro northern English drum and bass from the fearless Downpour, with the straight-up 1994 stylee magnificence of "This Sound" and "Trust Me" in particular matching the heights of last year's "DYRWIWAATD?" (if we may) part one.

And this sort of thing - crafted period instrument orchestra-style from pure authentic Akai, Roland and Atari -sounds even better to us two decades on, what with us not having what was then the somewhat significant distraction of revising for finals. Also, 20 years on, they're on bandcamp not 555, which means we could buy this one without having to walk to the Replay that used to be in the shopping arcade near the coach station. Halcyon.

Word is that the new Bracken album is imminent, incidentally, in which case this will be far from the last time this year that we give props to a Chris Adams release...