Hard Left “Economy” (Future Perfect)

Get in! Here comes another 7” from Oakland's back to the future agit-punk supergroup Hard Left that’s bursting with all Alan Hansen’s favourite adjectives: pace, purpose, passion, pride, power, that sort of thing.

This time, in addition to a brace of familiar-sounding shouted/sung belters on side A which continue to land somewhere between prime Oi! and prime SLF, there’s the bonus of two side B tunes narrated/ranted by an Anglo (as Hansen would have had it), poet Tim Wells, with the entirely authentic account of lower N1 gentrification, “Hoxton Market Forces” being joined by a possibly unlikely take on DH Lawrence’s almost spookily-still apt “The Oxford Voice”.

A splendid package, all told, though we’d still love to see them tour with Violent Reaction. And recruit Pam Berry, if only for old time’s sake.