Joker Starr "Shottas" (Boot): Joker Starr featuring Durrty Goodz "Don't Watch Man" (Flukebeat Music)

BOOM. Fresh from bossing "Tell 'Em" on Jazz T's "Run The Changes", the irrepressible Slough-representing Joker Starr (no relation to Ringo, Fredro or, er, Atlantic or Gang) brings his A game to another masterful Zygote / Jazz T production on 7", a tale of street wheeling, dealing and thieving which also cements Boot's place as one of the UK's top labels right now. In any genre.

"Don't Watch Man" actually dropped in November, but this feels like a good time to big up this rather smoothly-produced, accomplished Micall Parknsun joint which includes a still relatively rare hip-hop/grime collabo, with Joker and Micall's contributions joined by an easy-flowing but relatively timid verse (by his standards) from the normally unflappable Durrty Goodz. For once, Jazz T's remix is actually more frenetic than the (jazzily) piano-led, laid-back original...

Taken together, the two singles showcase Joker Starr's versatility (and that he's more than just a bundle of energy).


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