Lamont featuring Grim Sickers and Nico Lindsay “Missed Calls EP” (Keysound)

The mysterious Lamont is another of those Bristolian musical miscreants who so brilliantly soundtrack the underbelly of that city and, for us, sit firmly within its proud underground artistic traditions. Here, recent Trim and Last Skeptik collaborator Nico Lindsay, from north London, and Brizzle’s own “100 Bags”-man Grim Sickers, are persuaded to slow things right down from their normal grime pace, and each use the opportunity to deliver an edgy, night-time, missed-call themed elegy to difficult relationships (not least the one between technology and distance). Lamont’s music is sparing and spaced-out, but when a beat hits, you certainly know about it.

Heavens. If you’d told us that spoken-word deep dubstep poetry would be a ‘thing’, yet alone work this well, we’d have doubted you. But we don’t doubt any more.