Milky Wimpshake "Velvet Pants" / "Interior/Exterior" (Tuff Enuff)

INNA DIF'RNT STYLE. Le Wimpshake return to shake it down on the sevens, having decamped (temporarily?) to Brighton's Riots Not Diets empire for 250 copies of sweet, sweet black vinyl, and it turns out they've jettisoned the wonderfully pretty indie-pop of last year's precious gem "You Don't Look Twice" & become ROCK MONSTERS, like when the Rejects got into UFO, or Action Painting! discovered 1977. Sort of.

Two excellent tunes here (plus sew-on patch): this might be their spikiest, freshest 45 since we liberated "Home Is Where The Hate Is" from that basement room under Slam City Skates, and whatever rut they were in two albums or so ago, they're not in it now. Suge - take them back, whatever you do.


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