the morrisons "songs from the south of england" (firestation)

and who are the morrisons ? well, they had a flexi out in 1986, but seemingly not much else, ever. even i had either forgotten about their existence or never been aware of it, and i was almost drowning in flexis that year. but anyway, this six-piece, at a guess from the non-northern part of england, could have settled for appearing on "leamington spa 4" (see below), but instead berlin's best label has decided to treat you and i to not one, not two but sixteen slices of er, jangly indie-pop with a "career" spanning retrospective (1986 to 1988 - they probably got into acid house after that), mostly recorded on 4 track, and including the flexi. and while it's likely that even band members and their relatives haven't heard most of these tunes before - this must be the most obscure jangle artist comp since the visitors' "miss" on matinee recs - "songs from the south of england" sounds very much like a lo-fi brilliant corners, or a less-polished version of the sort of thing that germany's own brideshead are doing now. and do we go for that ? you bloody bet we do.


Anonymous said…
I love the morrisons!!!!!