nominee number nine.

random number "towards the forlorn society" (catmobile)

"stretching to a generous hour or so, "towards the forlorn society" is an uncompromising glimpse into the world of new-century electronica... there is plenty going on: the most frenetic and deliciously unmusical activity takes place in "if it escapes and gets out then what do you do ?" a space age autoerotic pile-up which... should be compulsory listening basically for all people ever. but aside from the smiling sonic terrorism he made his name with, there are plenty of strings to the random bow: "base and superstructure", anchored in bubbling undercurrents of bass, moves with some of its brighter, more colourful shapes towards printed circuit territory, or a wide-eyed boards of canada; "belligerent refusal to die" has at its heart the primal screams of early hood, with its almost choral feedback daring the listener to disengage and "the oresund fixed link" hints at the same eerie wildernesses as third eye foundation's "fear of a wack planet" and as such supplants even "discontents" from the last ep as probably our favourite randomnumber composition to date. .."