nominee number ten.

taskforce "music from the corner volume 3" (music from the corner)

the brothers mcbain inhabit two dark parallel universes - one is the confines of highbury estate, the other a hellish musical paranoia, previoulsy only glimpsed at by the likes of tricky, through which they lay down their worldview with eerie samples and compact beats. and yet, as with the previous mftc work (yep, "music from the corner vol 2"), the mood is lightened by the very inclusion of a new tune from their 11-yr old son and rhyme prodigy remus, whose young, disconnected voice carries a strange kind of hope and power, his shoulders seemingly weighed down rather less than those of the elder taskforce crew. when we talked about taskforce last year, we said

"taskforce deliver deep, dark, underground hip-hop of the highest order. the ghostly, string-based samples that overlay taskforce's homegrown bass recall the heyday of french hip-hop in the late 90s, when every song was an open invitation into the rainsoaked worlds of city tenements and petty misdemeanours, or even both beckon and bear comparison with the grime and drizzle of new york's magnificent mobb deep."

for once we were spot on.