nominee number two.

cappo "spaz the world" (zebra traffic)

an unheralded album that even i am only beginning to appreciate after quite a few listens. cappo is young and hungry and his nottingham-tinged accent is instantly recognisable, whether bringing his skillz to a p brothers compilation, the capkon entertainment 12" or his recent imam T.H.U.G. single collaboration. the singles "grand final" and "learn to be strong" speak for themselves, the latter having a great quantic soul orchestra remix for the 45, but tracks like "15-10" show the talent that is out there, even without the guest appearance by scor-zay-zee on "speak". while recognised for his work with the heavy bronx stable up in NG something, the brilliantly titled "spaz the world" emerged from brighton's zebra traffic stables, home of some great recent singles from diversion tactics, life ? and freight corporation, and did them proud. a criminally ignored debut.