points of information

to expand on a throwaway point below, the streets' "dry your eyes" is nothing more than the sound of a cash register lighting up pound signs in mike skinner's dilated pupils. scor-zay-zee's "want whats yours", on the other hand, is tender observation of the (a)cutest kind, atop style cee's piano designs, a foil to the righteous anger of "great britain". and now that we (thankfully) live in a world were the likes of estelle can mingle with morrissey and co in the top 20 after all, it would be wonderful if a few more true storytellers could follow.

to expand on another throwaway point below, i didn't mean to be nasty about the submarines. as it happens i rather like the submarines b-side ("i saw the children") on "the sound of leamington spa". i was just being shamefully and shamelessly spineless. sorry. but after a couple of self-flagellating sleepless nights cursing my offhandedness, i have to know if my apology's accepted.