death and indie-pop, not death to indie-pop!

Now you know me. Indie writ thru my heart, like "Southend-on-Sea" through the best rock. My favourite single ever is by Bubblegum Splash!: my favourite album of 2004 so far is by Harper Lee. I am listening to This Poison! incessantly right now. But why are indie-kids so precious and narrow minded ? It's bad enough that few can acknowledge that half this year's best singles are hip-hop. Even worse, there are those that don't like metal and its variations: a genre that commits the cardinal sin for indie boys of not being "cool" and artful and insufficiently self-regarding. But I can tell you all for a fact that I went to see Obituary tonight at the Electric Ballroom and while I've never counted myself as a big fan, it was one of the best shows I've been to for years. Plus two fun-packed encores. And the crowd was a lot more friendly and less snobbish than I normally get at the Arts Cafe or the Betsey Trotwood... Think on that, people. Peace.