Just a quick one.

Not to admire the spirited mischievousness of the Jasmine Minks' version of "The Instrumental" on the very welcome new June Brides tribute album knocking spots off the Manic Street Preachers' interpretation on the same record (although recent readers of this journal will be unsurprised to know that the best track, and possibly also the worst, is the Television Personalities' remarkable take on "I Fall"…)

Not to register my more-than-mild delight that A Witness' "I am John's Pancreas" has definitely now been reissued on Euphonium, with a few handy sleeve notes, and full lyrics no less. Fact: it is one of the 100 best albums ever made.

Not to remark my utter unsurprise that engineer Martin Nichols, curator of many pearls at his White House studio (chief amongst which include past works by Brighter and Secret Shine) has worked minor miracles with his remastering of Heresy's "Face Up To It" for its Boss Tuneage reissue CD: again, some entertainingly thorough sleevenotes throwing open the whole audiophile fallacy.

Not even to note, having seen The Loft at Track and Field's Pow! to the People, how the guitars were assiduously crisp and chiming and clanging, even when recreating their second greatest ever moment, namely the chugging instrumental groove in the midst of "Why Does The Rain" (their greatest ever moment, the guitar solo in "Up The Hill And Down The Slope", was consumed instead by a healthy acreage of fuzz). Hey, at one point it crossed my mind that if the Loft were any better, they'd be the Windmills.

No, this is simply because it's the local elections tomorrow, I'm still hearing people telling me that the parties are all the same, and that's when, across my city at least, there are plenty of fascist candidates standing. So this week music takes a step back, and whatever it is waiting for me at work will at least have to wait for once, just as long as it takes me to get down the polling station and put my X somewhere else.

Next time: Morrissey and the Beatnik Filmstars.

Now there's a thought...

Listening, on the way home from Brick Lane tonight (my true friends are golden...):

Asaviour "Borrowed Ladder" (from "The Borrowed Ladder" CD on Lowlife): this is really not bad.

Pariz 1 "Notts City" (from "Uncomplicated Vision" CD on Street Dreams Entertainment): this is not bad at all.

Lethal Bizzle vs, Test Icicles "Mind Your Head" (V2, 7")": this is good...

Mr. Ti2bs "Inner City Rap" (12" on Kemet): this is very good.

Lady Sovereign
"Blah Blah" (Island): contrary to my expectations, this EP is very very good.

Arab Strap "Speed-Date" (CDs on Chemikal Underground): this is, actually, pretty great.

Forest Giants "Closure" (from forthcoming "Welcome To The Mid-West" CD on Cherryade): and this is very great. This rules.


mervin cola said…
Hi -

I was wondering if I could send you some stuff - a comp tape, maybe. Or a cdr. Both. Basically I'm just repeating a message from some weeks ago that I sent. This was it (I dunno if you saw it):

"No worries. And thanks for the reply.

Oh yeah, I'm horrifically familiar with the constraints ceated by jobs, life, the puniverse and everything. Ugh. To say it can present an obstacle to getting other stuff done is somewhat of an understatement.

Still, I have been a busy little beaver, one way or another. Not as much as I'd like, obviously. In fact, I actually toyed quite seriously with getting a print zine together. I've been threatening for 2 decades. Count 'em 'n blart. Anyway, whilst I abandoned the idea again, there was some other stuff I did - just no-fi claptrap, essentially. The outpourings of a fevered imagination, captured on TDK SA90. Etc.

Intrigued? Me neither.

Nevertheless, I'd very much like to send you some of this...stuff. For no other reason than there's an off chance you might like bits of it.

Btw, have you read that Simon Reynolds book yet - Rip it Up and Start Again? It's ace.

Ok - better dash.

All the best."

If you *did* see the message and just thought sod that for a lark, ok. No probs.


ybi said…
Thanks for the comments on The June Brides tribute - glad you enjoyed it - i too love the minks' version of The Instrumental!
useless said…
right. 2 posts + red letter day, field day for the sundays, whatever!

i am enjoying the JBs tribute much, especially house of mexico at the moment... hopefully will get the chance to say more anon...

m.c., why dont you email me (address via the profile thingy) and i wld be delighted to let you have the mailing addr...


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