jesse pintado

there are a number of reasons why I haven't had time to post for a while, and why I won't have for a little while yet… but this is more sad news, I'm afraid, given how recently I posted here about grant mclennan, and thus steers my own tangled affaires firmly into the shade.

it's a while since I got to shake his hand at ulu, but jesse pintado, of the (recently reformed) terrorizer, the sparkling lock-up, and of course once part of the new blood that eventually so revitalised the more-than-great napalm death - one of the classic british rock bands - died this week, following a diabetic coma. it was only a matter of days since I'd last listened to his playing, and not too long after I'd recreated the band photo pose on "utopia banished" at the imperial war museum, in which he of course featured...

and even aside from what we have taught you about napalm and lock-up, I gotta make clear that everything you have heard about terrorizer is also true - yes, their "world downfall" debut, inspired (check the credits!) as much by l.a. compadres nwa as by slayer, is grindcore's "reign in blood", with all that entails. and while I will, I have no doubt, shortly be enjoying the terrorizer comeback lp, it will be with rather more than just a tinge of sadness.


giroscoper said…
That's really, really sad news. The guy was a bloody genius. So sorry to hear that.

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