calling all cars: in love with these times, in spite of these times HAS MOVED. if you need the new postal address for any reason, just drop us a line!

good day. this is just a 'holding' post - sorry for lack of updates. so many records, and at the moment more than even ever before, so little time. all i will say in my defence is that there are good reasons, if not particularly exciting ones, for the lack of posting action. i'm just not going to tell you them.

but trust me i would much rather be waxing wordical about the wondrousness of the new things i've been listening to - a-bomb, the butterflies of love, math and physics club, the hit parade, the beatnik filmstars ("barking!"), a.p. and dj griff, horowitz, sotatila, looking for an answer, manicured noise, pipas, give up all hope, kelman, the manhattan love suicides... these are all great acts of whom i am likely to tell you more anon, whether on this blog or in some city pub. plus i have been recently rediscovering filthkick.

this weekend i am hopefully seeing the fucking rosehips and napalm death, amongst others. not on the same bill, admittedly, but if we ever get into the promotions game, don't worry all that will change. (similarly, if you do ever need to empty your venue quickly of paying customers, perhaps for a fire drill or because you wish to run your business into the ground for tax reasons, in love with these times in spite of these times djs are always* available...)

* subject to availability.

ferenc, RIP.



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