the best album of 1977

has been given a re-release.

late august addendum: er, to be slightly more informative, what we are trying to say we guess is that if you only have £11 of disposable income to spend on music this calendar year it wouldn't be a bad investment to sling it on this very deftly packaged, still awe-inspiring album, pivotal for so many reasons (inspiring punks, introducing sly (& robbie) to many of our record collections, being riddled with the urgency you'd expect by people who thought the world was about to end) but, more importantly, just a glorious listen especially when the proto-"new chapter" trumpets and trombone come in. also, for those of you known to be influenced by such things, it's exceedingly twee in places, especially the keyboards. it's reissued on shanachie.


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