(Slight) return of the real

In case you think we've been surprisingly quiet about it all given our past leanings, yes, we are still excited about what has been, despite our team getting battered 5-1 on national TV in the quarters, the best FA Cup competition since the original incarnation of Bristol City got beaten in the 1909 final (especially as the Chesterfield v Wimbledon "dream final" briefly promised by the tantalising '97 semis draw sadly never materialised): the 727 teams so far knocked out include 19 from the top flight, meaning that we're guaranteed a final that won't be between the same old PLCs.

All welcome respite from the sadness of the Milton Keynes franchise winning its first trophy, as well as the ongoing soap operas of the two most tedious football competitions in the world, the Premier League (spit) and the Champions' League (punch, dismember, place bomb underneath). Sad, given the storm rightly being kicked up over Game 39, that the shark was kind of very obviously jumped well over a decade ago, when the European Cup format, may it rest in peace, was finally butchered beyond recognition... it's a bit late to bring common sense and proportion into things now.


the short stories "cover star" (forthcoming 7" on the international lo-fi underground)
kelman "shut a final door" (from 2008 lp sampler)
the doubtful guest "electrobotz (gigue's bot-selectro mix)" (from remixes 12" on planet mu)
julie ocean "#1 song" (here, at the mo)
yellowtail ft. juakali "pressure dem (silverback reload)" (from "pressure dem" on raw fusion)
queen omega featuring gentleman "revolution" (from "revolution" ep on special delivery)
coki "mad head" / "bass" (12" on ringo records)
the arc lamps "billboard storm" (from "wave of sound " 3" cdr on cloudberry records)
d1 "speed" (from "v.2" 12" on tempa)
the fantasy lights "like yesterday" (from "you're my september" 3" cdr on cloudberry records)
tes la rok "santa claus is lost" (from "bass 31" 12" on 3.5 records)

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