You Do My World The World Of Goodz / Through The Eye of Terror (Danjah)

"And when I'm live on the set / the guy that's behind the decks / better pay me respec"

Pausing only to observe that a proper fight, rather than a weak pun-based text juxtaposition, involving the Harvest Ministers and a presumably somewhat outnumbered Bolt-Thrower would actually be quite hard to call: having given it not much (but still rather too much) thought, we settled on a Calzaghe-style split points decision as being the most likely outcome.

Now believe this. Durrty Goodz has bare skills. If you'd been sceptical about some of the praise heaped on last yr's "Axiom EP" (was it really 9 places better than Shrag, etc) then a truth needs repeating: yes. It was a landmark grime record, any of the tracks on which could have served as a "how-to" template for any aspiring MC. And the fact that the returning Goodz is on fire is only emphasised by his contribution, "Reloadz", to Terror Danjah's new "Hardrive Volume 1" mixtape: picking up from the Nani-style showboating of "Switching Songs 2", the bounce of "Boi Dem" and the raw confidence of "Axiom" itself, it simply exhilarates, a veritable "If I Could Shine" of brittle promise that makes the listener somersault into headnoddingness.

And while there are other slivers of goodness on "Hardrive" - which features a cast of almost thousands of guests - Levy, Badness, Triple Threat, Teddy Bruk Shut, Bruza, Double S, Griminal, Youf, Messy, S Kid, Chipmunk, Little Dee, P Money, Lethal, Marciephonix, Hypa Fenn, Calibur, Scorcher, Wretch 32, Shabba D, Trim, Wiley, Riko, Footsie, D Double E... it is worth getting hold of the CD simply for "Reloadz" and its remix. Plus, along with Bless Beats' "Hard Days Graft", the release of Hardrive means we have a few more nicely clinical girl-sung UKR&B numbers to get into, which is bad news for you lot next time we're on the decks.

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