Bug Day

"Sorry for taking your last Rizla..."

Updating on a couple of artists who got us shook up in 2007. One, Londoner the Bug, began a series of cracking electronic 12"s on unforgivingly heavy vinyl, with guest vocals from the equally super-heavyweight likes of Warrior Queen and Flowdan. The other was that living legend "it's a long way to" Tippa Irie, who treated us to "Talk The Truth", a fairly towering collection of dancehall-tinged modern UK reggae. We are therefore not undelighted to report that Tippa and the Bug have teamed up for Ninja Tune single "Angry", the lead-off tune for the latter's pending LP, which will also contain "Poison Dart", "Jah War", "Skeng" et al... Tippa is at his tuffest, showing off in particular with some speed-toasting at around 2'10, as he rails against deserving, if predictable targets like climate-ruiners and US of A foreign policy. The B-side sees the Bug invite Flowdan and Killa P back to his (yep, again) for an appropriately dark, paranoid number called "Ganja" - normally ganja is the most boring subject conceivable for a song (apart from maybe er, anything to do with relationships), but on this occasion we get 3 3/4 minutes of marvellous, nervy, urban noir which suits all the parties just perfectly.

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