lust, camden aka north london summer listening aka pimp your picnic

"rappers with more holes than biggie's torso / swear so much, the radio / well it sounds like morse code..."*

what up, how r u. as well as "all these records", we've had classical english cultural institutions to the x-treme this wk: the national theatre, morrissey and the enb. indeed, "a million kisses to my skin" was one of the best things we've seen in ages: we give it the full five mics. anyway, it's playlist time. yes, again. here are the tunes to slay yr summer.

diversion tactics "no collaborations" (from hip-hop connection june 2008 cover cd)
no lay "bars of truth" (from "no comparisons" mixtape on no.lay's world / ggi enterprises)
jaydan "pull up" (12" a-side on propaganda)
zinc "tigerz talkin" (from "marching" 12" with dynamite mc on bingo records)
jaydan "gun salute" (12" a-side on smokin' riddims)
zinc "robot party" (12" a-side on bingo records)
g-dub "forever (original sin v.i.p.)" (12" on ganja)
jaydan "after dark" (12" a-side on propaganda)
logan d and 4q "fish monger" (from majistrate / g-dub "yeti muncher" remix 12" on lowdowndeep)
robert natus "endless sequence" (12" a-side on inflicted recordings)
bas mooy "bokkenpruik" (from "alliance vi" split 12" with dj boss on audio assault)
sutura "arabian nights" (12" a-side on inflicted recordings)
sven wittekind "never forget" (12" a-side on sven wittekind records)
original sin "feels good" (12" a-side on propaganda)
danielle "beat it" (single on stainless records)
*dpf "what can i say" (single on son records)
no lay "what a pity" (from "no comparisons" mixtape again)
wiley "grime kid" (from "grime wave" cd on eskibeat recordings)
skepta "king of grime" (from "rinse: 4" mix cd on rinse)

& while we think of it, this may also be the place to say to richard walker, so long and thanks for the memories. and some of those memories truly were great.

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