every song in your heart is a song in our chart
[essential autumn listening]


the lucksmiths "up with the sun" (from forthcoming "first frost" cd album on fortuna pop!)
the short stories "tears before bedtime" (from "short stories for long nights" lp on the international lo-fi underground)
arch of cinema "shine of stars" (from "i would hurt you for the world: the sound of young java volume 3" 4-track cdr on cloudberry records)
keitzer "no justice no peace" (from "as the world burns" lp on yellow dog)
blak twang "raplife" (from "speaking from xperience" lp on abstract urban)
heist "don't understand" (12" on co-lab)
the mountain movers "this last hope" (from "we've walked in hell and there is life after death" lp on fortuna pop!)
(the) nervous rex "nothing worth saying twice" (from "we're a garage band from modern england" lp on the international lo-fi underground)
cappo "1 in a million freestyle" (from "the director's cut" mixtape)
ice cube "stand tall" (from "raw footage" album on da lench mob)
pelle carlberg "metal to metal" (from "the lilac time" lp on labrador)
cripple bastards "allergie da contatto" (from imminent "variante alla morte" lp on feto)


japan air "stars" (from 3-track cdr on cloudberry records)
counterstrike "fear generation" (from "insubordination - phase one" 12" on algorhythm)
jaydan "what you want" (from split 12" with dj pleasure on smokin' riddims)
benediction "controlopolis" (from "killing music" lp on nuclear blast)
s.s.s. "can't burst the bubble" (from impending "the dividing line" lp on earache)
manhattan love suicides "veronica" (a-side of new 7" on squirrel records)
fosca "confused and proud" (re-recording, from "the painted side of the rocket" lp on but is it art ?)
rudimentary peni "sublime fantasy #1" (from "no more pain" ep on southern)
ohmega watts "eyes and ears" (title track of ep on ubiquity records)
rose melberg "each new day" (single on double agent)
resistant culture "the struggle continues" (from "welcome to reality" lp on seventh generation / s.o.s.)
pete green "let it go by" (from "platform zero" 7" ep on lostmusic records)


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