The best of 2008 (part three): ARTIST COLLECTIONS / REISSUES...

1. Cappo / Styly Cee "Directors Commentary - Authorised Mixtape"
2. Manhattan Love Suicides "Burnt Out Landscapes" (Squirrel Records)
3. Comet Gain "Broken Record Prayers" (Milou Studios)
4. Stupids "The Peel Sessions" (Boss Tuneage)
5. Strawberry Story "Clamming For It Plus" (Vinyl Japan)
6. Onyx "Cold Case Files: Murda Investigation" (Iceman)
7. HDQ "Soul Finder" (Boss Tuneage)
8. The Wedding Present "How The West Was Won" (Vibrant)
9. caUSE co-MOTION! "It's Time! Singles and EPs 2005/08" (Slumberland)
10. Narcosis "Best Served Cold (Discography 1998-2007)" (Earache)

(Conflict's "A History Of Insurgence: Every Single Single" relegated for having actually come out in 2007!)

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