But that's not dry land...

One year on, then.

Hate crime up, of course (figures vary, but recent police force figures suggest around 100%). Inflation up tenfold. Wages growth down, as prices continue to rise. Applications for the NHS from the EU nursing staff we need to keep it running: down 96%.

The Office for Budget Responsibility's estimate of the direct cost of leaving the EU (a mere £60bn) - and that's before you take into account all the longer term costs of a shrinking economy and lower immigration from the EU - now looks rather optimistic, as the economy continues to decline. That Eurozone economy we kept hearing about is now doing rather better than ours.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister called an unnecessary General Election, whilst breastbeating about bleating EU bureaucrats. She asked us for a mandate for hard Brexit. She didn’t get it. She ploughs on with it anyway. Her opening offer to EU citizens: you can have less than what you have now. You can have less than the EU has already offered UK citizens abroad. This is pitiful. This affects people, friends and colleagues, who live and work here and have paid taxes here. For years. And weren't even given a vote in this. And now have to watch it all unfold, whilst telling their kids not to worry and that it will all be OK. This hurts our communities.

To hell with your "independence day". People are suffering already, and it looks like it will only get worse.


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