'77, Nearly Heaven

He's calls himself 77Klash. His label's called Klash City. On the lead track from his new single, he namechecks "London Calling" within the first verse. And if he ever comes round ours we're definitely going to dust off our Strummer and Jones posters 'specially. You might remember the Brooklyn-based Jamaican (in fact, his name's meant to be pronounced "two seven" Klash, as in Culture's meisterwerk) from Team Shadetek's stunning "Brooklyn Anthem" single, also on the "Pale Fire" album, where he teamed up with Jahdan to lace the track with pure fire. We're pleased to say that "Anthem", which also features on this EP, was no one-off. Even without the grimey dancefloor stylings provided by the brothers Shadetek, "Mad Again" and "Yes Shotta" are pretty intense rhyme & reggae fusion, as 77K lays down the law with no little refinement. And "Code for The Streets" - no relation to fellow New Yorkers Gang Starr's classic "Code of the Streets" - even has some Clash-like shouty bits, as 77Klash rides an electronic pulse into the NYC sunset. Best of all, you don't have to take our word for any of this, because two of the EP tracks, "Mad Again" and "Code" can be downloaded for nowt, here.

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